The Jockeys Association of India was formed during the year 1971 which duly registered under Mysore Societies registration Act 1960 Sl.No. 138/71-72.. The main intention to form this Association was to better the lot of the Jockeys in what essentially a feudal setup. For decades the turf clubs own their own did not bother to look into the problems that confronted the jockeys.... Read More
Professional Jockeys Trust of India Members who are surrendering their jockeys license to the club and applying for retirement benefits are eligible for a sum of Rs. 15.000/- per annum till the year 2007-08, Rs. 20,000/- per annum from the year 2008-09 and Rs. 30,000/- from August 2010 onwards. To avail this amount, the jockey concerned should have a minimum of..... Read More
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